Putting your business in charge

If you have 1 charger or 1,000 you’ll need the best software to help you manage your EV charging infrastructure.

The eOperate platform puts you in control of your commercial and public EV chargers with everything at your fingertips. 

At a glance:

  • set opening hours
  • manage RFID cards and App users
  • set charging tariffs
  • troubleshooting
  • remote unlocking of charging cables
  • charge records
  • load management

We’re a trusted global partner:

  • 400 corporate customers 

  • 25,000 intelligently connected charging points

  • 250,000 charging operations processed per months

  • 3 GWh of energy into electric vehicles every month

Your benefits at a glance

innogy eMarketplace

Add your chargers to an international network and start earning additional revenue from your users and your chargers.

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eOperate uses the communication standard OCPP (Open Chargepoint Protocol) 

innogy software for (almost) any charger

eOperate is a brand-agnostic software platform. This means you can add almost any brand of charger into the platform. If you have a variety of chargers, eOperate enables you to manage your varied infrastructure all in one place, saving you time and hassle.

White label solution

We can design the eOperate portal with your logo, branding, and colours. 

Additional benefits

As you’d expect from a technology company, all of our software integrates with each other seamlessly.