innogy eMarketplace – generate extra revenue by linking your chargers to a growing international network.

Add your chargers to an international network and start earning additional revenue from your users and your chargers.

Your users can easily charge at other networks without the need for additional membership, apps or accounts. They can charge and pay, all within your account.


Your benefits as a CPO


Increase revenue by making charge points publicly accessible.


Included as standard within the eOperate platform


Have the ability to manage the chargepoints down to the individual level


No hassle invoicing, innogy manages the billing process and pays directly into your account


Create tariffs based on kWhrs used or time spent charging

Your benefits as an EMP


Create customised tariffs tailored to your end-user


Control the prices charged to customers to create a revenue stream


Manage users and assign tariffs based on the user type


innogy consolidates payments from all parties and provides a direct payment to your account


Promote charging infrastructure using PlugShare, eCharge+, Zap Map or other 3rd party apps.

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