Get more from your EV charging data

Do you want to make EV charging easier for your users? Do you want to make it easier to make management decisions? Do you want it all in the same place?

With our API portfolio, we can make this happen for you.

With our eConnect services, you can link the data you need with the systems you want

  • Charge Detail Record (CDR) API: collects all charging data such as date, time, duration.
  • eMobility Account identifier & Permission Management API: When a user charges, all of their data is encypted and stored securely in the innogy backend. With this API you can receive this information and use it with your advanced reporting, dashboard integratio and  integration into your management reporting systems.
  • Mobile API: This makes it possible to take real-time data from charging points and display them within your apps/websites. For example your users can search within your own app for available charging points or authorise a charging session.
  • Point of Interest (POI) API: integrate location, opening hours, status, charging power data etc into your exsitings apps and software. Your users can then search for charging points without leaving your site app