Putting your business in charge

If you have 1 charger or 1,000 you’ll need the best software to help you manage your EV charging infrastructure.

The eOperate platform puts you in control of your commercial and public EV chargers with everything at your fingertips. 

At a glance:

  • set opening hours
  • manage RFID cards and App users
  • set charging tariffs
  • troubleshooting
  • remote unlocking of charging cables
  • charge records
  • load management


This is important to you:

  • eDrivers should be able to authenticate at your charging ports and start the charging process, for example, by means of an RFID card (e.g. employee card), app, smart charging cable or coupon code.
  • You want to create your own contract IDs for your own users and set authorizations for individual charging ports.Additional contract IDs are subject to a charge.
  • Your charging ports should be accessible to roaming systems to allow third-party customers.
  • Your users should be able to authorize at charging ports of other operators in the roaming network (EMP roaming).
  • Customers should be able to pay directly. You as the operator enter a contract with payment service provider PAYONE and can set your own price for billing spontaneous charging sessions without a fixed authorization contract. This allows the customer to pay for his electricity directly. Innogy integrates the rates for your charging ports and forwards this information to thepayment service provider.

All functions at a glance

  • Consumption data for charging ports
  • Limitation of charging power per charging port
  • Publication of static and dynamic POI data
  • Opening time management
  • Charging port can be set remotely in / out of service
  • ISO 15118 – Plug & Charge readiness
  • Consumption data for CIDs (Contract Identification)
  • Limitation of charging power per CID
  • CPO roaming readiness via Hubject and / or OCPI (CPO stands for Charge Port Operator, i.e. operator of charging stations)
  • Activation via direct payment via app
  • Activation via CID via App, RFID, Website and SmartCable
  • Activation via voucher or eOperate portal
  • CID Management
  • RFID Management
  • Authorization management
  • EMP roaming readiness via Hubject and / or OCPI (EMP stands for eMobility Provider, i.e. the provider of services for drivers of electric vehicles)
  • Dynamic load management
  • Client capable Direct Payment for individualization of the direct payment method

Mandatory components (fee-based)

Additional components (fee based)

eOperate portal: The command center

All data is useless if it cannot be clearly presented and conveniently managed. This is what our eOperate portal is for. The cloud based frontend solution allows you to manage your charging stations from anywhere. Activate a charging session remotely, for example, and monitor which charging stations require maintenance. The only prerequisite is internet access.

Roaming: More customers for your charging stations

You would like to increase your charging ports‘ utilization? Then allow customers of other companies and providers to charge at your stations as well. Become part of roaming networks! This makes your charging stations visible for a bigger target group – in our charging app , in the or in navigation systems.

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E-Roaming is comparable to the cellphone network. In case your providers‘ network is not available, your cell phone automatically switches to a different network. It is similar for charging: EV drivers can charge electricity at your charging stations even if they did not sign an authorization contract with you. With our backend you can connect via Hubject and / or OCPI to other CPOs and EMPs to expand the charging network for your customers or to allow the customers of third-party EMPs to charge at your charging stations.

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